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New free soundbank coming for NLog Pro and Poly users

Tempo Rubato confirms working on a new bank for NLog:

Made good progress today with 'NLogMini' sound bank, should be ready soon for free download for PRO & Poly users.

NLog Pro
NLogSynth PRO - tempo rubato

NLog Poly
NLogPoly Synth - tempo rubato

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Robert said...

Awesome! From the name, I bet this will be a Minimoog inspired sound bank! :)

Marlene DeGrood said...
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Marlene DeGrood said...

Still trying to decide if I should lay down the $25 for Poly .... I would love to hear some positive reviews first. Only 1 in the App Store so far

lala said...

@marlene: nlog pro sounds ok to me, so the poly should sound the same;
but horizon should be out in 2 weeks which sounds more versatile to me, since i got the beta of horizon i never started nlog pro again, ymmv

kidBaltan said...

Not suitable for nlog midi?