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So, when did mobile music making start out?

I started reading this post in Making Music Mag, and had to stop at the first line:

"We told you back in September, but the rest of the music-loving world is really starting to catch onto this smartphone music phenomenon."

I think that Palm Sounds might have started talking about making music on smartphones a while before this September ...

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GiuseppeL said...

Sounds like the writer had no idea at all what he was on about.

KrisMcKenna said...

I remember about 6 years ago buying a top-model Sony Clie and NotePad/some MIDI hardware for the dock connector. Shortly after I discovered the amazing Bhajis Loops. I spilled water on the Clie and the screen died. It's HEAP wasn't so fantastic anyway, so I got a Tungsten T3 and spent a lot of quality time in the bhajis garden :D At some point my Sidekick II started acting funny, and I got a Treo 700p to replace it and my T3. At some point I grew tired of Sprint's garbage service in my area (was great when I got it) so I went with T-Mobile and a blackberry for their hotspot at home (didn't need great cell coverage for good service anymore). At some point i had gotten an ipod touch and flirted with Beatmaker a bit, but didn't really dig into it. The G1 I got less than a year later had nothing really in the music creating area, and when the iPhone 3GS dropped I felt it finally had enough "proper" smartphone features to own one. Now I have so many music apps, paid ones at that, that leaving the platform would be silly. I've since dug deeper into Beatmaker and like it a lot (though I would kill for a piano roll vs the current method of changing pitch of the sample by X amount).

Along the way I've experimented with things like Trax on the PSP, Elektroplankton on the DS (love it), etc.

Things have come such a long way for the mobile composer.