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If you were going to move mobile platforms, which mobile platform would you go to, and why?

I'm just interested.

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GiuseppeL said...

Probably to either DS or Android.
DS for the homebrew scene and Android for potential growth but the iDevice is where it's at and I am glad I am here.

HS said...

I would move to iPhone/iPod Touch. The only reason being because of the large amount of software. I'm not a fan of Apple's need to treat people like retards, requiring them to do EVERYTHING via their iTunes program. It tries to take over your entire audio/video collection which is just annoying. I *like* using the programs I do for my different formats and I like the way I arranged and tagged my collection as it is.

As such, the other option would be Pocket PC, but other than Griff, I don't know that there's much out there worth using for this format, though I haven't researched it a lot. I only looked around at it before buying my T|3 because I was wanting to get a mobile music app. Griff just looked too demanding and Transient sold Bhajis better than the mediocre techno and junk posted on Planet Griff.

I'm still waiting for the killer iPhone app that makes me change my mind. It hasn't arrived yet. I already have Sunvox and it looks akward using fingers instead of stylus with it...

robman84 said...

I just did. After probably 6 or more years on Microsoft mobile operating systems I have finally bought an iPhone.

I decided my WinMo mobile (Eten X500) was becoming more of a hassle than anything else - crashing and unresponsive. I was only using it for phone and GPS duties (I mostly use my Loox 720 for WinMo stuff like MeTeoR and Griff). As the battery was also becoming unreliable I agonised over what to switch to. There are some lovely WinMo phones out now! In the end, my constant use of my iPod Touch made me decide to switch to an iPhone 3GS. The Touch will become docked into some form of portable dock for household music duties, streaming from my NAS.

Only had the iPhone for 2 days, but I do like it, and like the idea of only carrying one device. The GPS seems a bit weak (I bought CoPilot) but I've not tested it much in anger. Also not had any joy with O2's 3G & Edge yet.

It's much faster than the 1G iPod Touch though, and the boost in memory is very welcome - no memory warnings yet!

KrisMcKenna said...

Probably WebOS. I'm so glad Palm dropped Palm OS 5 FINALLY, and Android left me feeling cheated after all the promised hype. Blackberry is great for messaging, but I hate their tired-ass SLOW java OS, and web browser. Symbian is nice, but on my N95 felt... old? Either way, I've spent entirely too much money on iPhone apps to leave it anytime soon. It'd take Ableton Live Mobile or something to lure me away from the iPhone lol.