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Great things coming to DopplerPad

I've just been reading this post about DopplerPad and what's coming next. Some of this sounds really amazing. Here's what Retronyms have in store for us ...

AudioCopy is the first technology to emerge from the Sonoma Wire Works Partnership Program, and there are many more compatible apps coming down the pike. Imagine being able to freely move your audio around between all your music apps! The iPhone pocket studio starts to look like a reality.

Synth Editing
As you read this, we're working on a powerful set of synth editors that will allow you to create your own synth patches! Basically, we're putting all the tools we used to create the original set of DopplerPad instruments in your hands. You'll be able to tweak the existing synths, or create your own from scratch. If you've ever wished you could finesse the LFO in Space Oddity, this will be your chance. Here's a little preview of the categories of parameters you'll be able to fine-tune:
  • 2 Oscillators, each with 5 waveforms and phase
  • FM synthesis
  • Filter (notch, high pass, band pass, low pass)
  • 2 types of envelopes (mod and amplitude)
  • LFO (tempo-syncable)
  • Touch Y-axis Parameter Control
  • Tap Velocity Parameter Control
  • & more!
We're currently re-writing big parts of the audio engine to support effects! Whereas now, certain instruments may have a delay, filter, or distortion, etc. In the new version, you can freely apply any effect (called an expression) to any instrument. What's better, you can edit and create your own effects in much the same way as Synth patches. I won't say too much about this system now, but you can bet it will be a uniquely DopplerPad-style take on the subject.

And that's not all...
We're working on several other tweaks, much of it based off feedback and suggestions from users (so keep it coming). So watch this space for more details to come. Thanks!

It looks like they really took notice of what we asked for then.

DopplerPad at the app store:

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait. I still don't thing anyone has nailed audio on the iphone in a way that makes things practical. This is a good major step.

Pighood said...

I'll finally buy this app when these changes are implemented.