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Moogie synth video

Moogie from Lateral View on Vimeo.

I've played with this a little, and noted the comments from people about the sound etc. I still like it, I think the cables make me feel like I've got a DS-10 in my iPhone.

Moogie at the app store:

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Zachary said...

Interesting to note: I tried downloading Mobilesynth (the app which Moogie was based on) and it appears to have been removed from the app store.

johnnyg0 said...

What I really wonder is how different it sounds from Mobilesynth, because I checked at the screenshots and it looks like mobilesynth with another skin on top.

ashley said...

I tweeted Allen Porter but haven't got a reply about why Mobile Synth is out of the app store.

I do have that app so I might try them out side by side to see what the differences are