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Martin's top 10 iPhone apps

Another iPhone top 10 apps, today from Martin, and in reverse order:

10. iShred
(almost exactly unlike playing a guitar)
iShred: Guitar + Effects

9. RecTools8
(great waveform display and editing, but not as stable as FourTrack)
Rectools08pro Multi Track Recorder

8. Hexatone
(great random features: both sequencing and loading random samples)
JR Hexatone? Pro

7. DopplerPad
(fast... in fact sometimes too fast, needs an undo latest recorded)

6. Jasuto
(the future of modular software, want this table sized... like ReacTable)
Jasuto modular synthesizer

5. NLogSynth
(the sound!)
NLog Synthesizer

4. iSample
(simple sampling, very quick and responsive)
iSample - Sampler / Recorder / Looper

3. Oblique Strategies
(yes, I have no creative inspiration, I think from The Box)

2. Voice Memo
(used to grab ideas - in public it just looks like I’m humming to myself while waiting for a call to connect)

1. ClearTune
(may switch to Peterson iStrobeSoft tuner soon, but hey, if it’s broke don’t fix it... or something like that)
Cleartune - Chromatic Tuner

Honorable mentions - Tapestri and Curtis.... granular goodness in a jiffy

Interesting set Martin. There'll be another top 10 again soon, if you want to send yours in then just use the standard email address.

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Martin said...

Friend of mine made an app called PhonyShaker... Musically useful shaker sounds

Haukur said...

Great list!

Unknown said...

I am a music lover and love to play guitar and there are so many new android apps to enjoy. iShred is the best app for a feel of playing a guitar in original.