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Another top 10 iPhone apps. This one is a little different. Pierre's list is of 'creative' iPhone / iPod Touch apps, which is a nice twist:

I don't think I could list ten music apps that I'm thrilled with but I'll happily list my favorite "creative" apps on my IPod Touch 8G:

Xewton Music Studio:
My favorite all-around music app. I really love it!
Xewton Music Studio

Very flexible synths and drum machine.

Perhaps the most innovative single instrument on my IPod Touch.
Bebot - Robot Synth

NLog Synth:
Very nice collection of presets and good all-around synth.
NLog Synthesizer

I can't play guitar but I really like this emulation.
iShred: Guitar + Effects

Great for acoustic strumming emulation.
? Guitar Pro

Very interesting music making paradigm.

And to round out my top ten creative apps, here's a couple of drawing programs:

This just came out but it's a very flexible sketching program.
SketchBook Mobile

Very nice drawing program that is a bit more responsive than "Sketchbook" but doesn't have as many features.

Very simple but well rounded 2D animation program.

I'm also very interested in getting a multi-track app but can't decide which one to purchase. I'm also extremely interested in the Hitchcock storyboarding app but am waiting for the ability to draw my own artwork, instead of taking photos (which my ITouch cannot do obviously).


Well, that's an interesting top ten Pierre, as for the multitrack app, there's FourTrack, and MultiTrack, both of which are easy to use. RecTools isn't bad, but I'm not sure that there's going to be updates to that app as it's been very quiet for a long time now.

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