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It isn't an app!

Well, now we have it from Olivier himself, his new project isn't an app.

So, what is it then, hardware, online?

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Anonymous said...

Hardware I bet

KrisMcKenna said...

not satisfied with the OpenPandora (beast that it is), he's making something pocketable that you can do really serious composing on. Twin internal flash drives (one dedicated to samples), card reader(s), impressive DACs and an array of inputs in a breakout box you can leave at home if you don't need it, multitouch screen, fast CPU, GPU that can be tapped for more power, multiple GB of RAM, anything else amazing i've left out, and it runs for 20 hours at full tilt. All for US $200.

I can dream, right? :D

ashley said...

I really hope you're right Kris

formal said...

mmmmmmmmmm...... Pandora!

Unknown said...

fresh samples at the Garden!

apparently not an Arduino box

Anonymous said...

yeah, i've listened to those sound samples... definitely not the kind of 8bit/lo-fi sounds coming from the arduino synths i've heard of.