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It turns out that you can only look at the Android market place using an Android device, which is a bit of a shame if all you want to do is have a poke around and find out what's going on.

So instead I looked around and found a variety of links to Android music apps. This one, although a bit old has quite a few apps in there. Nothing stunning so far, nothing that will rival NLog, or BeatMaker or Hexatone, but the start of some audio applications.

Of course it is difficult to know what's going on without an actual device, so if you know of other stuff happening on Android (or other platforms I don't mention often) then please let me know.

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mrussell77 said...

You can check out the full listing of the Android marketplace at a couple of places online -


They're actually where I go first to look at apps, rather than using the marketplace on my Android devices.

Peter Swimm said...


Looks promising.

ashley said...

Thanks for these, I checked out your links and there are a few decent looking Android apps. There's nothing out there that would make me go out and buy a device now, and I have done that before!

ashley said...

Oh yeah, I've been in touch with the dev too. That looks like a really good app to watch