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Toro mini, so good I have to talk about it some more

I keep on returning to this little synth because it is just so playable. One of my fav features, if not my absolute fav is sticky notes. I remember using matchsticks on keyboards years ago to keep notes or chords going, and Toro mini does it with a button. Fantastic.

Here's a little wishlist for Toro mini:
  • Recording. I'd love to record my noodling around on these sounds.
  • Overdub. Once I've recorded something on one patch I'll want to overdub using another
  • Export, or course, for my great masterpiece
  • Save patches when I've adapted them
There, not a huge list, and maybe not for a Toro mini, but maybe a Toro maxi? Am I being too cheeky now?

Whatever InstantBinary do next with this app I do really love it. If you haven't tried it then you don't know what you're missing.

If you want to hear the sound examples you can listen to them here.

Toro Mini at the app store:
TORO mini: Digital Synthesizer

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Anonymous said...

it is awesom