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More DopplerPad news

More DopplerPad news from the Retronyms email newsletter:
We've got more exciting features in the works for DopplerPad's next update: a patch editor and an expression editor. The patch editor will allow you to tweak the parameters of existing instruments and even create new ones, and the expression editor will let you apply effects like a delay, filter, distortion, etc. to instruments.

Sounds great alongside the audio copy and audio paste features coming with FourTrack.

I think that when all this stuff is available it will make the DopplerPad / FourTrack combo really impressive and useful. At least, that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

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Martin said...

Would be an amazing combi... but I can't help but think that Jasuto and RecTools8 would be even better.

ashley said...

It would be just so good to be able to play using one app and tell another to record the output.

I expect that this would be hellishly difficult to do practically, but that's where I'd like to be.

Anonymous said...

BE good to know when this is coming?

Anonymous said...

Oh, when will this be out?

ashley said...

I think it goes to Apple soon, then it is up to them