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This looks like something a bit different from the normal beat making apps I see. It seems to have quite a lot going for it, in fact, looking at the number of effects and options available it just could be quite a neat little sequencer. The features of the app include:

★ Sequencer
- Record in real time
- StepEditor edits beat positions
- Adjust beats per loop
- Use up to sixty patterns
- Uses midi timing

★ Effects:
-Puncher, Delay, Reverb, Filter and Chorus

★ Mixer:
- Master volume
- Sixteen volume meters
- Six effects for each sound

★ Sound library
- Many categories
- Drums, Sound Effects, Samples and more
- Download or add your own sounds
- Email your mixes or recordings

★ Sound Groups
- Sixteen Pads in each group
- Assign sounds from the library
- Use your own sounds
- Save twenty groups for each song
- Name each groups

★ Editor and Recorder
- Record wav files with a mic or input
- Use recordings on pads
- Add recordings to the library
- Edit the start and end position
- Send to email

★ Song Arranger
- Organizes patterns into a song
- Remembers tempo changes
- Stores up to fifty patterns

★ Disk:
- Manage projects
- Save and load zip files
- Email any file
- Download zip files from the web
- Save all files to a computer

★ Web Browser
- Download zip files from any site

The only thing that puts me off at the moment is the price, £8.99, which seems like a lot for this kind of app, but maybe it is worth it. Anyone tried this as yet?

BeatSequencer at the app store:
BeatSequencer BoomBap by Insight

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formal said...

I might have to TOFTT on this one. I've been asking the dev some questions about functionality and it seems like a great app. As far as I can tell it seems much more userfriendly and flexible in comparison to beatmaker.

ashley said...

I've used it a couple of times on my 3G and it crashed and felt very unstable

formal said...

Do you know what made it crash? (applying effects, chopping samples, playing sequences?) On his forum he reports there is a bug with the web browser/file server. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it.

formal said...

Play with it some more and give us some reports. I'm wondering if this is worth my $15. (I've still got time since I need to go purchase a itunes card first)

robman84 said...

Look lovely. Might also push Intua into updating Beatmaker a bit.

formal said...

Constantly crashes on my phone when creating basic sequences. I do not suggest buying this app.

Anonymous said...

This keeps on crashing on me

Speak Onion said...

This is very enticing to me, and I'd give it a whirl if not for all the crash reports from you good folks.

Keep us updated!