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iGOG Massive Drums (via CDM)

CDM has some interesting thoughts on this new iPhone Drum app with velocity sensing and multi-samples.

Whilst I haven't commented on many of the new iPhone / Touch drum apps that have appeared I do like the idea of a velocity sensing app so I might give this one a go.

iGOG Massive Drums at the app store:
iGOG: Massive Drums

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GiuseppeL said...

Just bought it and then found it even has sequencing, backing tracks and a whole host of other stuff. I will report back with my thoughts on it.

GiuseppeL said...

Good app. it's not so much the velocity sensitivity that makes it good but more the fact that each pad has LOTS of samples attached to it that trigger on a gradient from left to right. that and it will alternate between left/right for a roll.

The app comes with only one kit but more are available in their in-app store (about 5 more for free and more in paid sections)

It had a very long install (upon first run it paused for a few minutes to 'complete install') but hey, I've seen worse and it only happens once.
Anyhow, I should really sign up to open ID so that you don't have to authorise these each time.

GiuseppeL said...

Noticed some bugs after some extended use: if you change to a different 'layout' for the pads it does not work until after a restart. the extra pads appear but either do not work or they play the wrong sounds.

Unknown said...

Hi Giuseppe,

Glad you like it. The reason you might not get any sound from the alternate pad layouts, is because there's usually nothing assigned to the other pads by default. If you assign a sample to them, they should play without a problem.

We're striving to make iGoG the better all the time, so please let me know if you have any other questions.

Rim Buntinas
WaveMachine Labs, Inc.

robman84 said...

What a great sounding demo! Can't install it on my iPod Touch just yet though, sadly, as it says it is not compatible. They never seem to take account of those of us with mics for our iPods!

robman84 said...

And by "they" i mean Apple, BTW.

I've managed to get it to install finally, using my computer. Works with the mic maybe 50% of the time.

Sounds AWESOME though.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting odd stuff with this like pads not working