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FourTrack integration over multiple apps

According to a tweet from FourTrack the 3.0 version will enable integration with DopplerPad, InstantDrummer and Vox 3000. I wonder how it will compare with ioLibrary integration from Amidio and if the two will come together at some point?

Ideally I'd like to see integration to Beatmaker too and eventually into MultiTrack, the 16 track recorder, but I guess we need to take 1 step at a time.

Retronyms apps (DopplerPad and Vox 3000)

Sonoma apps (FourTrack and InstantDrummer):
Sonoma Wire Works

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1 comment:

Martin said...

One app that does both ioLibrary and fourtracks 3.0 would be useful... Like a library or converter tool

but ideally there should be a standard...