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New Poll coming soon: 4-tracks

There was a comment on an old post on the Pandora PXR4 portable 4-track, and it made me think that it would be a good idea to have a poll on the best portable 4-track available. Here's my list for starters, please comment in any that I've missed off.

- Pandora PXR4
- Boss Micro BR
- Tascam DP-004
- Zoom PS04
- Zoom PS02
- Tascam Pocket Studio 5

I'm certain there are loads more to be added to the list. When I've got a pretty complete list I'll put up a poll.

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Unknown said...

With over half not in production and were introduced in early 2000's it seems kinda apple and oranges type of poll to compare to new stuff.

As the list goes now I'd still pick my ps04. But add Zoom H4N to that list and it'd be the obvious winner - IMHO.

ashley said...

I'll add the H4N, who knows, perhaps it will win, perhaps not.

Unknown said...

Unsurprising Palm-Sounds WAS correct to compare apples to oranges (and I look like a tool)

7 yr old Tascam Pocketstudio5 pawns brand new zoom h4n:


It's just one test but the difference is pretty drastic.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the new Zoom Z16? Awesome.