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Innovative App 2008: Poll Results

I'll probably take the poll down in a day or two, so I thought it would be worth recording the results of the Palm Sounds Most Innovative Application of 2008 Poll:

1st - Sunvox 1.1 with 29% of the votes
2nd - Mixtikl with 16% of the votes
3rd - Beatmaker with 13% of the votes
4th - Korg DS-10 with 11% of the votes
5th - Jointly Noise IO Pro and RJDJ, both with 8% of the votes
6th - Jointly SynthPond and Nitrotracker, both with 3% of the votes

Interesting results. I'll have to do it again for next year and possibly sooner.

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matrix said...

Hey Palm, I couldn't find your contact info. Shoot me an email and feel free to delete this comment. My contact info is on the bottom right of MATRIXSYNTH.

Anonymous said...

Excellent poll thanks very much indeed.