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Emulators I'd like to see on the iPhone OS

Ok, I know that Apple have made their decision not to allow emulators into their iPhone, but if they did, this is what I'd like to see.
  1. A Newton emulator: Just because it would be fun and somewhat ironic
  2. A Palm OS Garnet emulator: Obviously to run the likes of Bhajis, Microbe and miniMusic apps too.
  3. Mobile Processing / Java: I think it would be good to be able to run Mobile processing and java apps on the iPhone platform.
  4. ZX Spectrum: Ok, you might suggest that this is a little odd, but I still like to be able to run old speccy apps.
Any emulations you think are a must have?

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Anonymous said...

I like the Newton idea. I'd add Flash to your list too.

ashley said...

Flash seems to be coming along nicely now.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see some retro love on the iphone.

ZX - Yes
Atari ST - Why not
Styletap - A must
Newton - Awesome !!!

Anonymous said...

You will never see these on the iPhone

Anonymous said...

Sweet site, I hadn't noticed the-palm-sound.blogspot.com before during my searches!
Carry on the wonderful work!