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Noise IO getting MIDI support soon

The clever people over at Noise IO Pro have just posted this:
Some more great news for you, Noise addicts!

We've come down to an agreement with Nonnus of Silicon Studios / iTouchMidi, the author of excellent iTM apps.

This means that soon, Noise.io will get Midi-over-Wi-fi functionality!

Noise.io will be able to connect to time-proven, stable iTouchMidi server desktop programs (available for free, Mac & PC, any DAW).

With Midi functionality, Noise.io will behave exactly like a 21st century synth :-)

Stay tuned! More information to follow soon!*

All of which is excellent news for users of Noise IO Pro, and of course continues to make the iPhone platform a more interesting and useful place for music.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

What happened to the whole iTM and Noise IO MIDI thing?

Did they forget to do it?