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SunVox 1.2

SunVox 1.2 arrives. Here's what's new:

* added external mod2sunvox utility for MOD/XM -> SunVox files conversion;
* added synth activity indicators;
* added CPU usage monitor (not working on PalmOS);
* added \"mute\" and \"solo\" buttons to the window with synth controllers;
* added \"zoom in\" and \"zoom out\" buttons to the timeline window;
* added \"set vibrato phase\" controller in the \"flanger\" synth;
* improved reverb performance;
* increased frequency ranges of synths;
* updated manual;
* redesigned some GUI elements;
* fixed different bugs.

As soon as I get a chance to try it out I'll post again.

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Anonymous said...

He also seems to have changed the purchase method a little. I was put off by the scary sounding 6 monthly billing for a license but that no longer seems to be how it works.

NightRadio said...

Now registration is without subscription. Just buy one copy and then get minor updates and bugfixes for free.

ashley said...

That makes it even more appealing to buy it.