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Styletap considering webOS

Brighthand writes about StyleTap considering creating a version of their Palm OS emulator for Palm's new webOS. However, there are issues and currently Palm is not exposing the APIs that StyleTap will need to get the emulator up and running.

However, if Palm did make these APIs as available in webOS, what would that mean for music apps on the webOS?

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Unknown said...

I was trying to figure out the same thing. My sense was that webOS is going to lack a lot of the tools necessary to create full-blown apps. But that could change.

Android, meanwhile, is looking like it *will* get more functionality. It'll at the very least have some sound and interactive music APIs -- not quite what you'd get with Objective-C, Core Audio, etc., but looking at least promising over the long haul.

ashley said...

Hi Peter, do you know anyone that's looking at developing for Android as yet?