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Chordica for iPhone

Chordica is a new iPhone app that takes a different approach to accompiment

Using a revolutionary approach to crafting a musical instrument on a portable device, only made possible by the technologies put together by Apple, the Chordica is set to change the way the world plays accompaniment music.

With it, you will:

•Learn to play music in just a few hours despite having no musical background
•Be able to play the accompaniment for thousands of popular songs
•Have a handy instrument anywhere you go
•Increase the chances of writing the next big music hit while on the move :)

Don’t say, “One day I’ll be a musician”, say “I’ll be a musician IN ONE DAY!”

Sounds interesting doesn't it. Let's see what it is like when it arrives.

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Joash Chee said...

Did you know that you can play a total of 7920 possible chords with just two fingers on the Chordica? Or that it's really easy to compose a simple background music track for battles in RPG games like Final Fantasy?

Find out more about Chords in the new video tutorial that shows why the Scoreless Music Method differs from other musical frameworks.