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Randgrid for iPhone

Another new synth / studio app has just arrived on the iPhone app store. Randgrid is based on two analogue synths and a drum machine. It looks very impressive indeed, and is only priced at £3.99. Here are the full specs of the app:

- 2x monosynth
- dual oscillator / waveform: saw/sqare / detune / slide speed
- 24 db lowpassfilter / cutoff / resonance / env mod / decay
- delay send
- pan
- volume
- note trig
- accent trig
- slide trig
- dist send
- 14x drumparts, sample start sample stop 4 bit flam delay send pan volume note trig accent trig dist send
- 1x step sequencer 8 parameter locks per step note value note trig accent trig slide trig
- 1x stereo delay
- 1x distortion

Interestingly the site says the following:
This is a pre release of Randgrid, exiting new features are currently being developed and added, while some might change.

I'd like to see how this one develops.

Randgrid at the App Store

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Anonymous said...

Great application, it also sounds really sweet, there is a demo video on their homepage, http://www.randgrid.com

ashley said...

A lot like Microbe on the Palm OS.