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Kepler's Orrery: iPhone Generative Music

Sometimes I can't resist unusual applications. Kepler's Orrery is one such app. Who could resist using gravity equations to compose and play ambient music?

According to the write up on iTunes:
You with a world where there are planets and rocks. They attract each other with the basic gravitational equations. When the collide they make music. The music differs with each world. You can play with the physics: change the gravitational constant: add "antigravity" or friction: visualise the force fields and velocities.

You have to admit that it is quite interesting.

Kepler's Orrery at the iTunes App Store

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Unknown said...

Interesting-- an old Java app resurfaces!

ashley said...

Yeah, it works well on the iPod Touch.

Anonymous said...

There is always also the Mixtikl generative music mixer for iPhone to have a peek at (http://www.intermorphic.com/tools/mixtikl/)