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Is the Kindle 'Fire' coming today?

Today is the big day for Amazon. Will the Kindle Fire create some sparks?

Ok, sorry about that.

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Garloo said...

The under $200 price will get a lot of people on board. Put that togeather with Amazon content on tap sounds like Apple will have some competition. The Kindle is a well made piece of gear for what it does so I figure the Fire will be well fabricated as well.

I bet Amazon is subsidizeing the price down based on the idea that they will make some money from the store and the specs are not going to blow anyone away but it looks solid.

There is no doubt that some music apps will be developed if the platform base is big enough.

Anonymous said...

The publishing industry will probably back Amazon, because they don't charge insane prices to use their platform like Apple does.

No publishers wants to give out 30% or their profits to Apple.