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USF And App Inventor (Long V2)

USF And App Inventor (Long V2) from Angelo Taylor on Vimeo.

If you're interested in App Inventor you might find this interesting.

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Anonymous said...

I kind of, like, ya know, like, sort of, like, this sort of, like, ya know, like, things, like, sort of, ya know, like this, ya know, sort of. Sigh.

Anonymous said...



.. it looks like it only works with that guy..

Tom TM said...

App inventor? What a great idea! I wish their was an equivalent version for iPad.

Actually it reminded me of Squeak.

Tom TM said...

whoops...I meant Scratch!

ashley said...

Yeah, but I prefer squeak!

I wish there was something like this for the iPhone, but I doubt it.

(having said that Apple will announce it next week)

Res said...

With Steve Jobs out of the picture, we might finally get something like this on iOS. Sight.

Anonymous said...

Just what the world needs, more amateurish apps that nobody wants to buy or use. :)