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Music Studio Audio Tracks

Music Studio - Alexander Gross

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freesoulvw said...

Love it. Brings Music Studio into a whole different world. The audio editor has a similar interface as twisted wave so users should feel at home quickly.

Music Studio,Beat Maker 2,Nano Studio.....top notch apps. It looks like Music Studio won the race to audio tracks though.

It will be awesome when Nano and BM2 get the like feature. Adding audio via MPC style is not really my thing. I like adding waveforms direct to DAW time line like this.

Can't wait. New splash screen looks as if it means business too ;)

Trueyorky said...

wow!! An already impressive app is about to add another dimension.

Anonymous said...

And will it still have the nastiest sounds and worst effects routing system ever devised by man?

Tom TM said...

@Anon 2;

"Nothing comes as old as quickly as a new sound"

-Milton Babbitt


Anonymous said...

quite so.