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Alchemy Mobile Synth arrives!

Alchemy Mobile synth from Camel audio arrives! More details later. Take a look on iTunes.

Alchemy Synth Mobile - Camel Audio

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Anonymous said...

Nice sounds the cinematic pack is eerie! No Background audio or virtual midi as yet but has pasterboard ACP. Not as tweakable as Sunrizer but sounds are as good.

distraub said...

That's a shame, they released it with no automation, when you record it doesn't record any of your movements. Such a wasted opportunity. Not to mention you can't bring in the patches you edited from Big Alchemy, only the ones you bought, if you purchase the Pro iOS version, what a shame.

Anonymous said...

Just coz I have an iOS device, doesn't mean I can't program sounds properly..nlog, sunrizer, Eden, etc all let me do this.

Yet another example of big devs not caring as much for their customers as the smaller devs. I know CA say they took away most editing options to make it easier, but all I hear is "blah, blah, blah"...Here's hoping IKM don't piss on iOS too with their soon to be released sampletank.

(goes back to nlog, sunrizer, et al.)

Anonymous said...

What is Expose! For turning pages

2Anonymous2BeReal said...


"Yet another example of big devs not caring as much for their customers as the smaller devs."

WTF you talking about? This app is free man.. FREE!... and its still not enough for you?


Anonymous said...

Some nice sounds, nice interface, like the morphing stuff, but what's with the cheesy 'backing' drum loops? The main problem is the limited programming. I don't want to buy 'sound packs', I want to program my own. I do like it though, and have no problem with the pro upgrade price but I do have a problem with what you don't get for your money. In other words, there is no incentive for me to upgrade, which I find weird. Normally you get limited functionality as standard, and going pro unlocks the full potential. Unless you have the desktop version, I don't see where you get your money's worth. I'll give it 4 out of 5, but only because it's free. Sunrizer,Addictive,Nlog Pro,SynthX etc. are all different, but all allow you design your own sounds.

Anonymous said...

Nice engine.

Scott M2 said...

Alch Mobile sounds great and is very playable.

There seems to be an adjustment problem for Alchemy VST users though: Tweek, tweak, tweek, tweak, tweek, tweak, tweek, tweak, tweek... Yes - I really like this new sound! How do I save it?

Am I missing the Save function?
Does the Pro version allow you to save sounds tweeked on the iPad?

Must I get all Zen about Alch Mobile sound design?

Anonymous said...

Yup. Wasted opportunity. Powerful engine and nice UI but no save function, and the omission of other features highlighted by others here. Good job it's free. I would gladly pay for the full version, if it actually gave me better functionality. Still, let's see what any future upgrades bring to the table.

vimanaboy said...

Man what a bunch of whiners here. If you see promise and like it enough buy it an then submit feature requests to Camel. They are very involved and responsive to their users.

As an owner of Alchemy I view this as an amazingly bad ass way to control it which will evolve in time to add more features..

Plus as an added FREE bonus I get a mobile version of the synth to fiddle with. Any mobile versions of sound banks that I own I will get for free as well.

This app is AWESOME and will only get better.

vimanaboy said...

Oh yeah - the basic version is FREE too. Damn greedy shortsighted devs.

Jake said...

"I would gladly pay for the full version, if it actually gave me better functionality."

Sooo.. it means its not a wasted opportunity as I see it.

Tom TM said...


Ah yes, but that's missing the point isn't it? You pay £14 or whatever it was, and you expect to be able to program the damn thing. Sunrizer costs a 3rd of this and you can tweak and save to your heart's consent! NLog and Addictive too!

Definitely one to watch. Alchemy (I thought Alchemy was a sample editor!- showing my age! hehe), really rocked my little world this evening- but without that programming, it's a one hit wonder unfortunately.

OTOH, if Camel don't bother updating, I'm sure another dev here WILL rise to the challenge?! We've already seen what can be achieved on iOS- and Alchemy is more than halfway there. Just some parameters to hook up in interface builder! :D

Scott M2 said...

For a powerful, great-sounding synth like Alchemy - not being able to save your own edits is very frustrating. Part of the joy of an iPad is working on sound-design on the bus or on the porch.

If this is a crippled free version - fine. I would gladly pay for a proper version where I can save my edits and recall them easily for live performances. I'll certainly request that option from Camel but I know that many app developers follow this blog, and this is my immediate feedback.

vimanaboy said...

@Tom TM I take your point that if you pay for the Pro version you would *hope* you could program the engine. However, they made the app they made, and either it's worth the $ to you with its current limited features right now or not.

When I heard about this app I was just excited that it was a controller for Alchemy.

That's still how I feel about it. It's nice that the player is included, but hardly the main exciting thing, to me. For $20 I am getting something that makes the desktop synth MUCH more expressive. It's a bargain as far as I'm concerned.

And when they add MIDI to the mobile version (as I am certain they will) and maybe some programmability, it will be that much better.

Camel Audio is a great company and they interact with their users on a daily basis over at their KVR forum. To those disappointed with this release, go over there and talk to them in a polite and respectful manner. Request features be added, and I bet some of them eventually will.

For now I am just gonna bliss out with it and the desktop Alchemy as-is :D

vimanaboy said...

Here's Camel Audio's official KVR forum link: http://bit.ly/pmz0qv

Anonymous said...

You ask people to be polite and respectful but you call people who've commented so far, a buch of whiners?
People have only pointed out some features that they feel that should have been included from day one. If one or two man developers understand this, then a company like Camel should have done more research - it's not as if there aren't lots of mobile sites from which to gather data.
Not everybody has the desktop version, and without it the mobile version is a bit weak, though updates could easily improve it, in which case I'll happily upgrade to the pro version.

Tom TM said...

Thanks for the link vimanaboy :)

Controller or no controller, what frustrates me, and I'm sorry to keep banging on about it, is, and I think I share the same sentiment with many other iPad users on this blog?, Is that I don't really care for the confines of the desktop computer any longer.

In fact I'm trying to get away from my desktop PC altogether. To move back to hardware where I have everything controlled from a central sequencer, or even more to the point, everything controlled and played from just the iPad alone, through Virtual Midi, ACP and perhaps Korg's WISP technology too.

I want to completely break free from having to be paired to a plug that I have to fit to a socket on the wall (except for when I'm asleep, and the thing is charging!)

Tom TM said...

PS, While it's great to have a free version (I can probably use 1 preset already!), there's no way I'm going to shell out £14 extra for something that just gives me more presets. I totally agree with the last Anon poster.

vimanaboy said...

Last Anon: you're right, that was a bit hypocritical, sorry :P I was just reacting to the tone, not the desire for more features.

Anonymous said...

nice sound but it's quite a shame that it provides neither background audio nor virtual MIDI. I'm gonna give it only 3 star rating.