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Genome MIDI Sequencer 1.02 details

What's coming in GMS 1.02, from the developer's blog:

Genome MIDI Sequencer will be getting background support, improved CC drawing and fixes to MIDI recording. With ‘background’ support, Genome can continue to run in the background while sending midi sequences to other apps like NLog PRO and Sunrizer. Additionally, you can record notes and CC’s from those apps while you play. We will be putting together some videos soon to show it in action.

Realistically, users can expect to be able to control 2-4 other background apps at once before hitting the limit of what the iPad can do. More than that will probably require better hardware (iPad 3 anyone?). Still, it’s a step in the right direction.

Genome MIDI Sequencer - White Noise Audio Software

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! I've had Bassline,Modrum and Sunrizer running together on my iPad 1 without any glitches. Imagine what you could do when the iPad 3 hits.

Anonymous said...

Love this app... Simply brilliant :)