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Alchemy Mobil Synth: All the details

Full details of Alchemy. Here's the whole app description:

Turn your iPhone/iPad into a powerful synthesizer! Alchemy Mobile includes everything from evolving soundscapes and fat bases to lush pads and pulsing arpeggios. This is the iOS version of Camel Audio's award-winning Alchemy synth - the leading sample manipulation synthesizer which can be heard on thousands of records and films by world-class artists.

Discover an almost limitless palette of sounds using the unique remix pad to morph between sound variations. 16 controls including cutoff, resonance, ADSR and effects parameters are specially selected for each preset to make tweaking sounds to fit your music easier than ever.

The Alchemy Mobile interface was designed with ease of use in mind. You can play the mini keyboard built into the app, which features scalable key size and one touch major and minor keys so even the clumsiest fingers can play along with friends. You can also plug in an external Core MIDI keyboard.

Using Alchemy with other apps like NanoStudio and Garageband is easy, thanks to the included loop player. Simply paste a loop from your sequencer into Alchemy Player, hit record, and play in your killer bass part, and then paste the resulting loop back into the sequencer. Alchemy Player is the first iPhone app to feature exposé, which makes switching between pages a breeze.

Want to know why Alchemy Mobile has such amazing sounds which can change so drastically with a tap of the remix pad? The performance controls and remix pad are linked to the most powerful synthesis engine on iOS, which allows you to morph and change the sound in radical ways not possible with any other synth. Alchemy's VA synth, sampler and granular and additive resynthesis, combined with almost unlimited modulation sources, effects and a flexible arpeggiator are used to power this expressive way of creating new sounds for your music.

The free version of Alchemy Mobile includes 25 sounds, with a further 25 available when you register for free with Camel Audio. You can expand Alchemy Mobile with a wide range of sound libraries such as BigTone, Cinematic and Arp Dimensions from world class sound designers. The libraries each contain 50 sounds (400 variations) and are available as in-app purchases.

Alchemy is programmed to make the most of your device, so the more recent your model the higher the polyphony and the lower the latency.

Alchemy Mobile Free features:
  • - remix pad to morph between sound variations and create your own sound
  • - 16 performance controls so you can easily tweak sounds to fit your music
  • - most powerful iOS synthesis engine with VA, sampler, granular and additive resynthesis
  • - external MIDI keyboard support
  • - loop player with 25 drum loops included
  • - copy and paste support for easy integration with sequencers
  • - built in keyboard with scalable keys
  • - one touch major and minor chords
  • - iPad native version included
  • - 25 sounds with 25 more free when you register
  • - add on sound libraries available as in-app purchases

With the Pro upgrade, you can remotely control Alchemy or the free Alchemy Player on your desktop computer. Easy one touch access to the remix pad and preset selection means you'll spend more time getting inspired and less time reaching for your mouse. The Pro upgrade comes with an extra 75 presets and 25 loops and you can download Mobile versions of the desktop Sound Libraries you own for free. Since the same presets are available in the desktop version, you can find the perfect sound for the tune you are working on whilst you're on the go. Upgrade to the Pro version via in-app purchase from the presets menu.

Pro Upgrade features:
  • remote control of Alchemy or Alchemy Player on your desktop computer
  • download Mobile version of any desktop sound libraries you own for free
  • 125 sounds
  • 50 loops
Alchemy Synth Mobile - Camel Audio

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Tom TM said...

The features all look fantastic, but there is no way I'm paying a whole load of money just for an extra easter egg full of presets. :(


(as well as the ability to save- all in and on iOS! :D )

Anonymous said...

Some positive feedback and some news on kvr forum here http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=329709&start=0


Tom TM said...

Well, it's good yes... but Ben isn't exactly positive about the iPad's clock speeds that are quoted, so it's not all great... But then what does one expect when iOS devices use ARM technology and most desktops are now at Intel i5 & i7 level?

KVR are a forum for people who primarily use desktop computers, and although many here also use desktop machines- I'm typing this from an Acer Revo Atom-based PC, folk at Palm Sounds are mainly palm or handheld musicians (well I can't of course speak for everyone of course!). Ben Camel should come here and read what the guys here have to say about our beloved handheld devices!. But I have no doubts that he won't... :)

I just want the best for handheld music- and I'm sure Ashley would do too? :)

Anonymous said...

No WIST support is really good ;)
Love this app :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I don't care about MIDI support. It's a fun feature, but it's not really a practical way of piecing a song together because at the end of the day the sounds are not feeding into a mixer and you can only multitask so many apps at once...

Finally, understands the "how exactly do I add parts in different apps and bring them back into the DAW app" problem

freesoulvw said...

This app is pretty cool. It's in open beta so if there are comments posted about features I'm sure someone that visits the site daily ;),will see what people are asking for and relay to the "secret forum" that testers have the "key" to.

I know that there is already an update in the works to improve audio copy/paste function among many more features that will make it to the next version. It is ok to talk public ally about some things but then again there might be things in the worlds that can't be discussed publicaly....you know how it goes. Later freesoul

Ben Camel might not have the time to visit the site but I am sure there are a few of us that can send messages to the devs.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Camel can't even implement ACP properly. Not impressed so far but it's obviously early days. They must have spent all their time on the engine and the UI, instead of finding out what mobile users wanted. Like Tom says, a lot of us have desktop machines, but the mobile music community is a different kettle-of-fish. We love our devices - whatever they may be, and are used to a certain level of functionality.
It's good that it's getting a lot of attention though, and if nobody cared, it wouldn't be getting anywhere near as much.

Anonymous said...

Well according to three pages of comments on the KVR forum, we're all wrong! Not one negative comment. Weird. Some of the posts sound as though this is the first music app that users have ever downloaded, although that can't be the case, some of the users sound a bit naive regarding iPad music apps, no comparisons to other beloved iOS synths - nothing but massive amounts of praise.
Somewhat confusing.

vimanaboy said...

Massive amounts of praise probably explained by the fact that most of us over there are not primarily handheld musicians and have mostly been dreaming of an amazing controller app for Alchemy. We don't care quite so much about it's stand alone features ;)

Tom TM said...

"We don't care quite so much about it's stand alone features"

LOL! You don't say?! ;) lol!

But I/we do! And why keep your market only to those who vacate the KVR forums?

Pleased Camel are addressing the ACP problem.