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Alchemy Synth Mobile - Camel Audio

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Tom TM said...

I'm sorry, but this video is highly misleading! In fact it's almost a trading standards violation because the video claims at around 20 seconds in that Alchemy is "the iOS version of the Desktop version" of their software, which IT IS NOT!

The sounds that come from Alchemy mobile are stunning (with that wow factor that most of us got when we originally turned on a Korg M1 back in the 1980's). But the parameters are set. I can't bring up another parameter apart from the parameter which has been set- presumably from the desktop software version. But then to go on to claim that tweakability on Alchemy on iOS goes way beyond anything else on iOS is untrue and unfair, because all the other major contenders on iOS do allow for extensive programmability- whereas Alchemy is severely disabled.

Other programming facilities such as the arpeggiator are also non present.

I want this video pulled and reworded, then remade as it's simply stating something that isn't true.

Angry and annoyed.

Anonymous said...

Yup. What he said. A seven minute video to show me how to select any of the twenty five presets!
Sign-up to get more presets, or buy more presets. Lol.
This is used in thousands of records and films, by world class artists? Not on iOS it won't!

Anonymous said...

This free app is such a ripoff!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that it's free, it's not about that. It's about the fact that as a standalone app, it's very weak. How many times have we got to say it? We want........we want you to go and read all the comments on all the threads so far, then come back and tell us that we are all ungrateful idiots 'because it's free'. I want to buy it, but there's no point because I don't just want more presets.

Burg said...

I am actually glad it was free because if there was no free version and I had paid to discover what Tom clearly stated ... I would have had a serious beef with them.

Anonymous said...

@Tom TM

I haven't tried it yet but the criticisms seem rather harsh.

"But the parameters are set. I can't bring up another parameter apart from the parameter which has been set- presumably from the desktop software version."

In the video he's changing lots of sliders..
How many parameters are you missing?
Does Alchemy Free for desktop have these parameters?
Alchemy desktop is €199..

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. God.
-Disappointed? Yes I am. In my fellow man. NOT Camel Audio.

Big up Palm Sounds, btw. You're my daily digest!


Tom TM said...


"In the video he's changing lots of sliders..
How many parameters are you missing?"

The parameters that actually make sound?

Otherwise I may as well just turn the volume up and down- like on an organ...

Oh I get it. :) Alchemy is an "ORGAN" and NOT a synthesiser! Then why didn't you say?

Yes, it's a very good organ, and that Vox Humana preset is up with the very best in Wersi, Hammond and Phillichorda but I'm afraid its no synth. I'll pick up Addictive, Jasuto or NLog et al for that! :D

Tom TM said...

You fanboys crack me up! lol! Can you not see the wood for the trees so to speak? lol! Hands up how many have listened to the last track on the Boards of Canada's 1st LP, nodded with appreciation- but not actually understood what the good lady's words are all about? Not the greatest analogy I know, but you're given something and you just smoke it? "Religion is the opium of the people" the great Marx would say....

Dudes, I've got no problem with a free app. A free app is great- even though it only has a few preset samples on board.

What I do have a problem with is a having to pay £14 extra for an extra load of samples (not my own samples too!) that I can't change without having to adopt the whole desktop computer shebang.

I also object to Camel 'bigging' themselves up to claim that this is a most advanced and powerful synthesiser. It may be 'under the hood', but as you can't get 'under the hood' so to speak, Alchemy for iOS is an extremely crippled version of the proper Alchemy- only available on the desktop!

I think I'm gonna take up knitting. Start a knitting blog?- that's after I've stopped banging my head against this wall!

Anonymous said...

@Tom TM
"The parameters that actually make sound?"

That's pretty philosophical. E.g. cutoff, resonance don't make the sound? What if the wavetable samples were preprocessed with cutoff and reso tweaking?

I can imagine you want more params, but I wonder if that would be good UI design for a tiny iOS synth. Personally I don't want rocketship-style controls or endless menus. Some stuff might be too cpu intensive as well.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the only way to save patches is to buy the full desktop version - prices start from £179 for the vst/au on it's own, and go up to £579 for a package that includes all 20 sound libraries.

Anonymous said...

Yeah.. With the Desktop version priced at 199 euro, can we really expect a fully featured incarnation on iOS? It would cannibalize the sales of its progenitor!

Marlene DeGrood said...

I'm having fun with this app despite all the blah blah blah :)

Burg said...


" but you're given something and you just smoke it? "

Yes. Yes I do. But that has nothing to do with this app. Please stay on point.

Tom TM said...

Hi Burg & Marlene. :)

I thought I was "on point"? I was only being facetious. :)

I only want the best for iOS. Not second best, or an App to be paired to a much more expensive version, just the best. You've gotta stand up to be counted otherwise no one will give a stuff.

FWIW, I've already written an entire track today using Alchemy for iOS (yes I'm in love with Alchemy too). I'm just working out how to upload it to Palm Sound's Soundcloud. Unfortunately the rules strictly state "if you have a publishing deal" (which I do), "you need a lawyer involved"! :?

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was reading a book :)

freesoulvw said...

If you have alchemy PLAYER on desktop then you know what you are getting into.

This app is Alchemy "PLAYER" Mobile. The full $199 Alchemy has all the tweak able parameters that you are looking for.

I use Alchemy Player on my Mac and I always reach for my MacBooks screen cuz I want to touch the "Morph Pads" sadly I'm left with only a mouse that gives less then fluid transitions.

The letter I got from Camel when the app was being tested stated first and foremost- this apps main focus and testing has to be mainly directed at the interface between desktop and iOS. The fact that the app produced sound at all is nothing more then an added bonus to work out ideas using familiar sounds that one might use in the desktop software.

If you are a true Alchemy fan then this app should play to that interest. It would be nice if every DAW/AU/VSTi had a companion iOS app to help interaction.

Take a moment and use the desktop "player" and then use the iOS version. I like having the interface on the iPad with the AU running in powerful DAW software.

For free you get a great in-depth look into the world of Camel and Alchemy. If Camel picks up a few new users and they buy the full desktop software it's a win. Branding goes far in a market flooded with options. The more you see a product and can use said product in different ways the more word of mouth builds and more of the $$$$ gets sold,which is where Camel makes their money. Not from IAP.

I personally am not a huge fan of the software on both platforms. For the reason that was initially stated...the lack of user created sounds. You are stuck with patches and most of the patches can only have modulation type effects changed to give subtle sound design. The bad thing about these kinds of apps is that if you and the next guy use the same patch they are going to sound the same. The amount of tweaking the app/software gives does not change enough of the sound to make it a new patch or your own sound.

This app will cater to those looking for professional sounds in a quick,easy,and fun interface. This is a player. It plays back patches. If you want the "nlog equivalent" best look to dropping the full cost so you can actually design patches and have the full gamut of sliders,knobs,and parameters.

The app is fun by itself. Could make a few more Ambient "Producers" out of hobbyist. Enjoy it for what it is and if you can use it to expand on your desktop workflow all the best. I found that the IAP patches are a little better then the factory. It will ultimately boil down to how you use the sounds. Try doing some crazy riffs that you might not normally do on a keyboard. It might surprise you. If all else fails. Send the samples to BM2 and Chop Lab the hell outa 'em and tweak from there :).

Have fun.

Marlene DeGrood said...

@freesoulvw . . . Nice post :)