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Music Studio 2.0 full details of new features

Here's the full details of what's coming in Music Studio 2.0:

Audio tracks
  • Microphone recording
  • AudioCopy & AudioPaste
  • iPod library or wav/mp3/AAC/ogg file import
  • Waveform and audio-region editing
Major new features
  • 35 new instruments: 24 synths, 9 orchestral and 2 drum kits • Drum pads, chord pads and chord programming
  • Pitch wheel, filter wheel
  • File sharing via email and SoundCloud
  • New look & feel
Hardware support
  • iRig, iRig Mic, Ampkit Link, Apogee Jam, Alesis IO Dock, iConnectMIDI and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer II • Keyboard split point setting
  • MIDI Thru
  • CoreMIDI compatibility improved
Many new small features
  • Volume gradient in the piano roll editor
  • Attack offset time configurable for every instrument
  • Keyboard sustain button
  • Export to compressed format (AAC)
  • Export every track into a separate file
  • Import songs and midi files (iPad only)
  • Performance improvements and small enhancements in all areas
Music Studio - Alexander Gross

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