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StudioTrack from Sonoma

Sonoma Wire Works who brought us FourTrack for the iPhone now brings StudioTrack, an 8 track recorder with great features:
  • Track FX: Tempo sync Delay / Reverb / Compressor / EQ on every track
  • Master FX
  • Output compressor limiter
  • Master channel with reverb return
  • Metronome
  • Bounce
  • Audiopaste from other apps!
  • Latency compensation accurate to within 1ms
  • Wifi sync
Pretty amazing stuff, but also an amazing price $39.99 (£23.99)! I think that we are going to see a lot more high prices coming for iPad apps in the next few days.

StudioTrack from Sonoma at the app store:
Sonoma Wire Works

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