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Akai Synthstation 25 UK update

I've just spoken to Dolphin Music in the UK about the iPK25 / SynthStation 25 and they say that they currently have these on back order. The date they've been given is the 1st of May but they don't think that's reliable. They've said they're going to give me a call when they have stock in so I'll let you know as soon as I have more information.


RogB said...

oh man. if this keeps up im going to cave in and get the lpk25+lpd8 combo instead.. :(

i bet theres issues with the app not being available in time with the hardware. And how will UK people redeem the app voucher if we cant use codes on the itunes store?

Anonymous said...

Akai clearly gave a public demonstration of a prototype. That's a big violation of Apple's Ts and Cs. I predict this will never see the light of day.

Pierre Fontaine said...

What's an ipd8?

I found it interesting that in all the video demos from the trade shows, the interface was demonstrated but I don't believe I ever heard the app make a sound. You got to wonder if there was trouble brewing between Akai and Apple.

I swear, Apple is becoming the very Big Brother that they rallied against in their 1984 TV ad for the Macintosh!

RogB said...

pierre: LPD8 - http://www.akaipro.com/lpd8
i'm after some small midi controllers

and as a companion to this, im waiting for the IPK25 but its taking so long i may just get the LPK25 instead. (very silly product codes!)