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Amps and Cabs update

This app gets an update:

Version 0.2 REAMPED

For the first update to Amps & Cabs, we wanted to make the sounds you can make even bigger. We opened up all the amplifiers and speaker cabinets and tweaked the tones. In Amps & Cabs v0.2 REAMPED you'll notice a huge improvement in sound quality, volume, response, and equalization. This just got huge!

- Improved amplifier volume and gain levels
- Tweaked EQ knob controls
- Improved speaker cabinet tones
- Increased master volume
- Eliminated output clipping
- Optimized device specific output
- Lengthened slider display time
- Touched up Wilton and One-Der cabs
- Added tag line and version information to the splash screen

Amps & Cabs at the app store:
Amps & Cabs

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

These guys are geniuses. What a great idea and a beautiful interface.