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Problems viewing on iPad?

Thanks to Rob who emailed to say that reading the blog on an iPad has been very slow indeed. I'd just like to check with anyone else who has one to see what they think so I can take the right action to try and sort it out.


Darren Scarce said...

Not on an iPad, but ever since the website was updated with a new look, it's very slow to load on my iPhone. I'm running the latest os on a 3gs.

Hope this helps.

Love the site by the way, I check back in for updates at least 5 or 6 times a day.

Pierre said...

It's distressingly slow on my laptop, to the point of distraction, ever since you changed the design of the website. Perhaps it's that large, repeating pattern in the background?


Robert said...

Yes, this is what I was saying, it was since the new update of the site and it has affected both iPad and iPhone 3GS, possibly the Mac, too... Maybe that snazzy blue underlying background that appears on loading has something to do with it???

Love the site, as well, and if I didn't check it 10 times a day I probably wouldn't have noticed the slowdown!

Scott said...

I found it UNBEARABLY slow on my Macbook Pro ( late 2008 edition ) in firefox. Firefox has a pretty slow javascript rendering engine, I wonder if thats why. Its loads faster in safari.