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Surely this is based on Ellatron right?


Anonymous said...

definitely. same ui, just different color. hopefully all new sounds though. you can never have too much mellotron.

velocipede said...

On the other video, it shows a message like "produced by Ellatron" in the bottom right corner.

Omenie - home of the Ellatron said...

The core sound generation is the Ellatron engine, and the same 'Toblerone' rotating keyboards have been retained - for now ...

Inside it there's quite a few changes, particularly trading off CPU burden against responsiveness - it's become clear, particularly on the iPad, that it's worth burning more CPU to get ultra-low latency for responsive playing, in Jordan's hands this thing is *fast* and pretty amazing.

We are still shaking out details but the plan is to have different iPad and iPhone versions, slightly more voices in the iPad version as it supports apps with a bigger memory footprint than iPhone.

And yes, all new sounds, and unlike Ellatron all the sounds are stereo (and really immersive and immense) and have been pulled out of Jordan's live rig, so these are authentic DT voices. So it's not very much like a Mellotron at all! I think this one will turn out to be a must-have app for the DT fans, but the sounds are so damn PHAT that general synth hounds may end up picking up one of these to add to their arsenal.

I'm really pleased with how it's shaping up.