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Xewton update

Another update to Xewton. Here's what's new:
  • New high-quality reverb algorithms with stereo spread
  • 3 reverb qualities (higher quality requires more CPU and can lead to stuttering on older devices)
  • Key velocity (volume) can be controlled via touch on the keyboard or the accelerometer (enable velocity in the setup tab)
  • Piano-roll: 'selection change mode' toggles the selected range (instead of just single notes)
  • When recording, playback continues if a tab or the record button is tapped
  • Piano-roll note editor improved: 1/64th button, quantization in note length mode, vertical lock in move mode, autoscroll and drawing improved
  • Double tap a track's icon and slide your finger to select a color
  • Lots of bug fixes and stability improvements (see the change log in the help)
Xewton Music Studio at the app store:
Music Studio

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