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Electrify for iPad

Another interesting iPad app. I hope it'll grow and add features with time. Here's what you get for your £8.99 / $14.99.
  • 8-track sequencer with individual track lengths
  • 2 chainable effect buses with 8 different effects (more to come soon)
  • direct access to the track’s main parameters
  • Easy to use step sequencer
  • 6 parameters editable per step
  • Professional Sample Library comprising more than 600 high quality samples provided by Mutekki Media
  • Tracks are currently limited to built-in samples, support for user samples is planned for a future release.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I downloaded this and ielectribe and they are surprisingly different animals, given that they are both beat boxes. The different feel comes from the sound engine. ielectribe is synth based but Electrify is sample based. I normally prefer the synth approach but by including sample start, pitch, and decay, in the modulation options Electrify becomes capable of producing some interesting sample mangling. With sample looping turned on you can produce some interesting artifacts and the individual pattern length per part is also useful.

It needs resampling, some form of copy and paste to and from other applications, and more control and automation of effects but as a first stab it's looking good. (A manual would be nice. It's actually pretty easy to work out but just remember to create your project at the start!)

I think I'll be using this a lot more than the electribe as I like the workflow and the wide sound pallete.

(Support from it's creator has also been swift which is a good sign.)