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AudioForge for iPhone arrives

We've been waiting for this for a while, and at last it arrives. Here's the description:

The envelope based Swiss army knife for audio files on iPhone and iPod Touch. Edit the wave form directly just by touching it. Set selections to copy and paste within files or even paste from another file. Dynamically change volume for fade in effects or the remove unwanted clicks. Adjust stereo balance and set it to the far left channel for the beginning of the track continuously transferring over to the right channel for the end. Add stereo widening effects or bring it all to together to make is sound mono. Add high pass and low pass effects to start an intro, simulate a telephone conversation or just distort your sound.

Upload your audio via wifi (mp3, im4, wav, aif format), or use Audiocopy and paste. If you own AudioView, you will also be able to exchange audio with Beatmaker.

Real time effects include:
✦ Volume
✦ Stereo balance
✦ Stereo widening
✦ Low pass filter
✦ High pass filter

Audioforge at the app store:


Jeff Beaumont said...

Marginally useful in it's current state. EQ is "realtime" meaning it doesn't have to render but you can't adjust it in realtime. It's only Hi or Low Pass, again only marginally useful. 
Controls are hard to select, most buttons don't give visual feedback so it's hard to know you've selected anything. 
As far as editing you can't zoom into the waveform and there is no scrub so it's more like guessing rather than audio editing. Try Hindenburg Free if you want to see real editing.
So advice is to wait for the next version  and see if any of these missing features are added before you even think about buying Audio Forge.  

RogB said...

I don't understand, I have to go through another app to get it into beatmaker? That's a needless extra step isn't it? Surely it could have done that directly?

Anonymous said...

Another disappointing app... What a shame. Seems no one can get the UI/processor power features balance right yet. Desktop seems to win, again

Tibor said...

It's a shame I do not get this kind of feedback on the feedback page for Audioforge, where I could actually point out what people are missing and clarify what features are expected or how users want the app to work.
The way I build apps is I just put an app out there and it works the way I would want it. Then I seek
feedback from users to make it into something they can work with.
Buti need some way to ask question to specify what needs to be changed. So please post your feedback at www.audioforge.ca and hit the big feedback button!