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Aphonium for iPhone / Touch / iPad

I've been meaning to post on this app for a little while. It reminds me strongly of Bloom / Trope with a bit of Amidio's Star Melody too, but I like the generative art side of it too, and the price has just dropped to $1.99

Aphonium at the app store:


Sigmund said...

Did anyone manage to get it at the cheaper price. I clicked as soon as I saw your post but, while it advertised the lower price, it wouldn't let me purchase it. It's now been changed back to the higher price. If this is intentional on behalf of the company it seems a rather sneaky and underhand way of doing business.

Daniel Adair said...

Hi there Sigmund.

I'm from Riada, the developer. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the store. We had changed the price (and description) two days ago, but it did not go through.

As from your description, it also seems some people have been unable to purchase our product.

In frustration, we contacted Apple, and I assume that they did something to fix the problem, as the price changed back not long after the blog was posted.

It was certainly not our intention to be sneaky.