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ZX Spectrum on the iPhone! 3G or only 3GS?

I don't know if anyone has tried this app, but I was checking the site before buying it and noticed that it says that a 3G version is coming, so I assume that this one is limited to the 3GS only. Anyone tried it on a 3G yet?

ZXGamer at the app store:

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Pierre Fontaine said...

I purchased the program for my Itouch, which is updated to the latest operating system but I got a warning message that ZXSpectrum is not compatible with my device.

Thought you'd like to know!

ashley said...

Thanks Pierre, I had a nasty feeling that this wasn't for all devices. The description on the app store doesn't make it clear at all

Anonymous said...

It runs like treacle on a 3GS. And the aspect ratio is messed up. Not giving up though -hopefully there'll be an update. Anyone tried adding stuff by ssh?

Tom said...

I tried this out and I don't understand how they made such a shambles of it. My ancient Psion 5mx emulates Spectrum games (albeit in B&W) at full speed. Funnily enough, that emulator was written by the guys at Palmtop (now TomTom).