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Noise IO Pro Synth and other Amidio apps

I got it in my head this afternoon to try and make a track in Beatmaker using only apps from Amidio. I started in Noise IO and make some fairly simple synth sounds. I made a guitar track in Star Guitar Pro and a piano track in Star Piano Pro.

I had a lot of fun making a sort of ambient thing in Star Melody. I think that this app is really underrated. Also it hasn't been updated for a while so I hope it gets the 'pro' treatment like the other 'Star' apps.

I made the drum tracks in JR Hexatone Pro.

It is an interesting process making all the bits of a track in different applications and all in isolation too, but so far it is working I think. I've got as far as starting to pull everything together in Beatmaker and maybe I'll have it finished by tomorrow, who knows.

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Anonymous said...

when can we hear it?