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Well I've put a lot of the suggestions up for the NLog poll on what you'd like to see from NLog or as a new app from the same developer. Let's see how it goes.

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Anonymous said...

I feel that a lot of the synth apps lack some depth: I'd love to see things like a modulation matrix (as in the Oberheim Matrix 6 or Akai VX 600) which allows to route modulations to different targets: One envelope routed the amp of the second osc and so on. This would allow for a lot more interesting sounds... As well compared to Euno lite (which I don't really find that useful for other reasons, but that's another story) I find the sound engine in both NLog and megaSynth a tad muffled... I'd be happy if that could be adjusted to a crisper, more direct sound... other than that NLog is pretty neat and very inspiring for me.