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Audible Ink

I noticed this on the app store this morning. Looks quite interesting. Here's the blurb:
This tool is similar to those that professional musicians, like Aphex Twin, use to embed imagery into their music.
Additionally, you can perform image processing algorithms on your photos. Currently supported are edge detection and contrast stretching.

To decode images embedded in music, you will need a spectrogram analyzer, like Spectrogram for the iPhone.

NOTE: Large, bright areas in photos do not encode as well as finer lines do. Use the provided edge detection and contrast stretching utilities to prep your images for encoding.

So I think I might give that one a look.

Audible Ink at the app store:
Audible Ink

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Tom said...

That's cool. I know you can use MetaSynth on the Mac to do that, but does anyone know of any Win/Linux software?

Unknown said...

Coagula works to convert image to sound.