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MultiTrack: What's coming (maybe)

I got a reply from the developer of the amazing MultiTrack 16 track recorder app on what could be in the feature queue. Here's what he says:

I've been trying to order a list in terms of complexity of implementation.

1. Stereo recording (using line in microphones)
2. Punch in/out (locators)
3. Automation for faders and panning
4. ioLibrary
5. Non destructive editing - trimming/copying/moving with a 'bin' system
6. Looping and loop recording
7. Effects
8. Automation for effects

Because of the highly complex caching algorithm needed to support 16 tracks, some effects would be harder than others. Reverb and delay type effects (includes chorus effects) would be more time consuming to implement than an EQ, overdrive/distortion or compression/limiting.

On the top of my list is stereo recording because the UI wouldn't have to change, you would just be able to arm more than one track if the hardware supports it.

I've been trying to think of a simple way to edit the audio data (trimming, copying, and moving) without the clutter that all the other apps have.

Also what would be nice is faster display of waveform data when the zoom level changes or to display 'blurry' waveforms until the high resolution waveforms are ready.

A user poll would be a good idea, but I'll probably wait until MultiTrack gets more popular (fingers crossed!)

If you haven't tried the app as yet, in my opinion it is really worth it. I hope that it does get more popular as I think it would be a big shame if this app didn't get developed any further.

MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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Kadath said...

I understand that things like reverb are difficult to implement, but I'd be far more likely to buy Multitrack if it had a lot of effects options in addition to the much needed things like ioLibrary support. Right now I have to export my BeatMaker tracks for editing on my laptop, but if Multitrack improves, I'll be much closer to being able to create samples/loops, composing and mastering songs entirely on my iPod touch, with no need for external hardware or software! So if the Multitrack dev is reading this, please don't discount how popular Multitrack could be with people wanting an app for sample/loop editing, and not just people looking for a recording app.

robman84 said...

Great to hear new stuff on the way. Since 4pockets doesn't seem to be keen to port the magnificent MeTeoR to the iphone, that would make a good point of reference for devs doing multitracks with FX. Especially given the relative performance benefits of the iphone (or so I believe).

ashley said...

I got a message from 4pockets saying that they were planning on porting more to the iPhone in the coming months.

I really hope they do, but in the meantime this is a really good start for a 16 track

MikiStrange said...

I think that options 3, 4 and 5 would be better to start with. I'll explain why.
3 Being able to automate faders would make podcasting easy. This alongside 5 would make it a very good podcasting tool. Not only on that level but musicians don't want to wait minutes until they have to add that extra snare.
4 is an obvious choice for anyone using Amidio apps.
All of these options are sensible choices to add but I have to take issue with the devs when they suggest that popularity will drive the changes. I am aware that they'll need the extra funding to fuel their app but by adding these extra features they'll have an app that appeals to musicians and podcasters alike.
I've got MultiTrack and I'm disappointed at it's lack of features for the price. Sure it's way ahead in terms of tracks but with no kind of editing you're left with less than a compact cassette Fostex or Tascam.
Having said that I do think that it's an app worth supporting and hopefully early adopters will benefit from updates.
The app needs to evolve to bring in a larger audience but the devs alone need to make the first move.