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More thoughts on MultiTrack

I been using MultiTrack the 16 track recorder for the iPhone for a couple of days now, and I am really impressed. The interface for this app is so obvious that you don't need any kind of manual or tutorial at all to use it. So far it is a very simple recording app, but it does have a few features that I'm really impressed with.
  • Download individual tracks or whole stereo mix: You can download any of the 16 recorded tracks over wifi and then do whatever you want with them, or take a whole stereo mix from the app.
  • Upload wave files to any sequential tracks in a song. This gives me the ability to make a track in another app, say Bhajis Loops for instance, and then upload it to the 16 track to add vocals, instruments or whatever with 14 tracks left to play with. Now that's worth having.
Of course, I'd like to see some more features in this app. Here's my current wishlist:
  • Mix automation
  • FX buses with some simple effects like reverb / chorus / delay
  • Metronome
  • Time display in tracks
  • Overall song length indicator
Nothing fancy I think, but so far this is a brilliant multitrack recorder for the iPhone.

Just thought I'd add one more thought, if it could use ioLibrary too so I could bring stuff in straight away that would be even better!

MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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metaphormidable said...

Wow- I love that you can upload wavs!! Can RecTools do that? I don't think it can... If that's the case I think I'm about to trade...

ashley said...

The last I remember from RecTools is that you can't upload wavs into 08 but that they were working on it. I haven't heard from them again since.

MultiTrack 16 lets you do this in version 1 over wifi which is great. I tried it yesterday and it works just fine.

MikiStrange said...

I'm with you on mix automation and ioLibrary access. With those two in the app it would be fantastic. The other bits would really be a bonus. Off to buy my copy now anyway. Thanks for keeping us all up to date as usual.

Anonymous said...

Can it be used with external mics such as alesis protrack?
Many thanks for the post!