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MultiTrack: 16 Track Recorder for the iPhone

It was bound to happen really. We've had a few 4 tracks, one 8, and now a 16. Here's some of what you get:
  • Fader, pan, mute and solo for each track
  • Input and Output faders
  • 24 bit internal pathways
  • Multi-touch pinch/zoom support
  • VU meters for each track
  • Extremely low latency recording
  • Selectable input monitoring
  • Recording perfectly synced to other tracks
  • Crossfading uses cubic interpolation
  • Animated popup controls

I should add that given the recent conversation on comments, it was an anonymous commenter who alerted me to this app. Thank you.

MultiTrack at the app store:
MultiTrack - 16 Track Recorder

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Unknown said...

Cool, but I'd rather see someone develop efx, synths etc instead of piling on the tracks. There still isn't a multitrack app that proves to be as useful as my old Korg PXR-4, with built in amp simulators, reverb, delay and stuff. But if it works well (as opposed to the Yudo 8 track one) then it is definitely a step forward.

ashley said...

I agree. I've been waiting on YUDO to do this, but nothing has surfaced from them.

I'm hoping to get in touch with the makers of this 16 track and see what their plans are.

MikiStrange said...

Is there any way to record fades either through automation or by any other means like routing a playing track to another that's recording? It's a lot to ask but it would be useful for podcasts as well as music recording.

pwnified said...

Hi - I'm Hamilton Feltman, maker of MultiTrack, thanks for blogging this. MultiTrack, as it stands now, is sort of a proof of concept for the caching algorithm I developed, and also a solution to my annoyance with the other recording apps in the app store always crashing (I'm a musician at heart). It's also a very workable 16 track recorder. I appreciate all your comments and hope to have a poll soon for features you would like to see.


ashley said...

Hi Hamilton, great app. Look forward to the poll and new features for you app which is already a great multitrack.

Anonymous said...

MultiTrack is really quite useful as it is. The input limitations of the iPhone not withstanding. I'm using it with a Belkin Tunetalk which provides a stereo microphone, mini input, and USB input. This provides a somewhat serviceable mic, plus the ability to plug in other devices like a Pocket POD for guitar and bass. And the USB input provides power for longer recording.

Too many features could compromise MultiTrack's greatest feature - it doesn't get in the way of recording the tracks. Getting ideas down without the software and audio interface getting in the way is more important than more features. Those are always available in DAW programs such as Reaper. MultiTrack doesn't need to compete here - it provides a much needed option for portable recording.

Some features that would be useful:
- Split, cut, copy, paste (deleting unwanted content, copying verses, etc.)
- markers
- file delete
- eq and reverb, at least on output (master)
- punch recording

Anonymous said...

I think FX in realtime during recording like a simple reverb or delay would be great. Apps like Voiceband or iShred Live can do this with recording, but not with multitrack capacities.

Anonymous said...

Ita the only app I've found that let's you paste mp3's right onto the track, an converts it into a wave file for you. So sampling for other apps, and even recording karaoke is a breeze now!

TelboyD said...

A virtual tube compressor at the input stage and one for the stereo out. Pitch-shifting or varispeed? Well done btw!