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What would you like from NLog?

I'm hoping to start a new poll in the next few days on what you would like to see either in the already excellent NLog app, or as a new app from the maker of this superb synth.

Comment in your suggestions for what should be in the poll and I'll put it up in a couple of days.

If you can make sure you let me know in your comments if your suggestion is for a new app or a new NLog feature.

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robman84 said...

Such a good app, it's like suggesting improvements to a Bugatti Veyron!

Top of my list would be a sequencer, most definitely.

Others (although Rolf is probably fed up of hearing ideas from me!):

* Arpeggiator
* Accelerometer mapping
* Modulation of all parameters in all modulation sources
* Note slide on keyboard so you can slide your finger up and down the keyboard
* Microphone input as an oscillator source, heh heh

NLog makes me happy as it is though.

gee said...

A sequencer, export to WAV, or direct export to beatmaker. All these features would be a plus to an already excellent app.