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Trope first impression

I had a play with this last night, and so far I don't think it is far enough from Bloom for a separate app. Maybe I haven't given it long enough to use, but I'm not seeing the differentiator as yet.

Trope at the app store:

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metaphormidable said...

I'm a huge Eno fan and I have to admit I was a teeny bit disappointed by Bloom. Actually Trope is more what I had hoped Bloom to be. And you are right, they are awfully similar- Bloom pretty much could be one of Tropes moods. If I had to pick one, I do find Trope more interesting. Have you looked at Air at all? It looks similar to the other two.

ashley said...

I've only played with Air very briefly and probably need to go back to it soon.

I'll give trope more of a look now you've mentioned you prefer it to bloom