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Today in 2004: SoundPad preview released

Back in 2004 miniMusic released a preview of their SoundPad application for the Palm OS. At the time I was amazed at how complex this application was and what you could do with it.

I still have the final SoundPad software on my Palm T3, and I still use it, although not too regularly.

Of course SoundPad was the basis for miniMusic's first iPhone app called PianoFly.

PianoFly built on SoundPad and added a lot of features that aren't in the original Palm OS software.

PianoFly is a great FM synth for the iPhone and I hope that we'll see some more great music and audio apps for the iPhone from miniMusic in the not too distant future.

Pianofly at the app store:
Pianofly Pro Synth

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Anonymous said...

When will they do another app?